Megatel Company, Ltd, was founded in 1995 and operates as a company for engineering, commerce and services. Basic activities Megatel - have projecting, installing and maintenance:

  • optical networks

  • optical transmission system

  • LAN/WAN networks

  • CATV networks

  • IP video surveillance

  • copper networks

  Also, within the basic business activities, Megatel deals:

  • Export/import telecommunications equipments

  • Export/import telecommunications equipments

  • Tehnical reviews of projecting documentation and completed networks


  In order to fulfilling customer requirements, Megatel in his work continually invested in fixed assets and staff training.


  Megatel is licensed by the Ministry of Enviroment, Mining and Spatial Planning licenses for projecting telecommunications networks and systems (P150E3) and license for installing telecommunications networks and systems (I151E3) and is certified ISO 9001/2008.


  Basic principles of which does not deviate Megatel high quality of performed works and orientation towards the needs of users, which includes:

  • The application of the latest technological solutions to better meet customer needs both current and future

  • Full support in all phases of project implementation of technical solutions to implementation and maintenance

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