Quality Policy Company „MEGATEL“ Belgrade is an integral part of the overall company's business policy, based on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of market oriented business system and the principles of quality management. Company „MEGATEL“ tends to ensure full satisfaction of demands, needs and expectations of customers and gain their lasting trust, high quality service in the projecting, construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks and systems, as well as constant improvement of quality management system and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire business.

  Quality Policy Company „MEGATEL“ based on the following:

  • Establish and communicate our vision of the company through leadership and upgrade key values for the routing behavior of all employees in achieving our vision.
  • Include our employees in the development of enterprise, use their knowledge and experience, recognize their contributions and provide an environment in which they are motivated to exercise all their options.
  • We accept process approach in the management of our business and manage our processes as a unique system of interrelated processes, which achieves the objectives of enterprise.
  • We provide an environment in which each person is motivated to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our services, processes and management systems.
  • Base our decisions on analysis of relevant data collected from the process of taking into consideration the latest technical and technological knowledge in fields defined scope of certification.
  • Develop alliances with our suppliers and work with them to improve the joint performance.

  Belgrade, 19.04.2007. year


General Manager 


Dragana Zekovic


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